Quartz Countertops: What are its Benefits to Your Kitchen?

Granite is popular among homeowner who are fond of cooking however quartz has rose into fame as well and is known to be a good competitor of granite.  

Here are six benefits you can reap from quartz countertops! 

1. Durability 

Some of the countertops that are made of quartz came from stones that have been quarried however some can also come from technology which means the material has been engineered. Engineered quartz is known to be a combination of polymer resins and ground quartz. Moreover, if you are in doubt when purchasing quartz countertops most manufacturers often offer warranties to gain your trust and to stand on their reputation as well.  

2. Not Porous 

Stones are often porous. Every stone’s porousness may vary from at least an amount of degree however most stones do have a porous characteristic to them. Marble is known to be more porous compared to granite however each type of granite varies in porousness as well. Since some of the quartz countertops are often engineered, with an incorporation of resin, this type of countertop is not porous. 

3. Corrosion and Stain Resistant 

Quarts is very durable because it has an ability to resist any stain rom forming as well as signs of corrosion. The downside of quartz, is its vulnerability to high temperature. If it is exposed to heat, it can be discolored.  

4. Design 

Quartz is a very flexible material. Yes, you can have it as your countertop but you can be advantage of its pretty visuals through incorporating it in your shower room s well. Compared to other stone options, quartz can be quite heavy given that it has gone rough a lot of process. Due to the weight of quartz, installing it is better done by professionals because it can be quite challenging to install. If you are looking for reliable individuals or a trusted team to handle your quartz countertop, quartz countertop San Jose offers excellent services when it comes to kitchen countertop services. Simply contact them through sanjosekitchencocuntertops.com to set up an appointment! 

5. Low Maintenance 

Quartz is non porous because it is an engineered material thus it does not have the ability to absorb much. When cooking, you can spill on your counter by accident and it can often take a while to get a rug to wipe it thus most counter material often absorb any spillage. Through investing in quartz countertops, you are going to have to worry about any absorption less because it is a non-porous material.  

6. Sanitary 

Engineered materials are often the most sanitary choice. Like quartz countertops, other engineered materials are often non porous because it has polymer resin combined to the raw material. Through the use of polymer resin, everything is much more compact leaving no space for air. Through this, it offers better sanitation because it won’t be able to absorb anything that is put on it. If ever you spill any on your kitchen counter next time and your kitchen counter is made of Quartz, then you can always take your time, because it can be wiped later and it still will not absorb any of the spillage you made. 

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